Check– ups and xrays

Visit us for your 6 monthly check up, for ongoing and preventative care. Our digital X-ray for thorough and immediate detection of disease.


Have your regular clean to help prevent gum disease and decay.

Preventative care

A range of preventative treatment are available for your dental care. Fissure seals, fluoride treatments and oral hygiene instruction. Night splints and mouth guards are also available your to protect your teeth from damage or trauma.

Restoration–Fillings and Crowns

A complete range of white composite and silver amalgam fillings are available to restore decay and damage to your teeth. For larger lesions crowns are available.

Cosmetic care

Improve your teeth and smiles with quick, painless and reasonably priced treatments from veneers to whitening procedures.


For unrestorable teeth, or orthodontic recommendation, gentle extractions can be carried out.


For root canal treatment we offer the lastest endodontic treatments.

We Love Kids

We have Child dental benefits scheme to diagnostics and fillings for children aged between 2 & 18 years.Our practice is especially designed for families and kids. From our exciting outdoor playground to dentists who love treating little one!


For urgent treatment to relieve pain and discomfort call us for assistance.